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About Us

The portals you have to publish to, be it Contracts Finder, OJEU or Find a Tender, offer little support to help ensure the notices you publish meet necessary requirements. Think of how much time is spent jumping between platforms, identifying the correct procedures or forms to use, and making sure you have the resources needed to conduct a transparent, non-discriminatory and fair procurement process.

That’s why we created myTenders, to make the entire process more efficient - by allowing you to manage your procurement from one location.

Why choose myTenders?

Part of spend management providers Proactis, myTenders has been in operation since 2002. Over 4,300 public sector organisations use our simple to navigate portal to publish both low and high value notices.

We have been helping local and national governments create and manage bespoke tender publishing portals for a number of years - including Public Contracts Scotland and Sell2Wales, demonstrating the sector's recognition and trust in our understanding of public procurement.

Our sister service, Tenders Direct, is the UKs most accurate tender alert service. When you publish notices through myTenders, suppliers registered to both myTenders and Tenders Direct will have access to your notices - helping you reach a much wider audience.

The simple solution for public sector procurement

myTenders is the simple to use tender publication and management service, with a wide range of tools allowing you to effortlessly conduct fully compliant procurements. As a recognised Contracts Finder, OJEU, and Find a Tender eSender, you can publish notices to any portal directly from myTenders.

Helping you to be more efficient

There are a lot of requirements needed for compliant procurement, and not many systems are purpose built to meet all of them. This means many buyers have to log into several platforms and manage many moving parts to publish and manage their notices. myTenders has been built with a wide range of features to prevent this. View our myTenders PRO page for more information about secure postboxes, Q&A facilities, Quick Quotes, document hosting, 2 stage procurements and how myTenders ensures you’re fully compliance with Public Contracts Regulation 2015.

Our compliance checks will keep you right

Our step-by-step publishing wizard ensures every contract you publish is fully compliant. Our system guides you through the publishing process, helping you choose the relevant procedures and forms, indicating what is needed for each, and highlighting areas you may have missed. Each section is automatically saved upon completion, and it is impossible to submit a tender without completing all relevant sections.

Every notice also undergoes a triple compliance check – two automated checks, one when you start, another when you finish, and a final manual check by our Customer Service team before the tender is live.

Equipping with you with skills needed to publish and win contracts

Our Training and Consultancy team can review and improve your approach to procurement, helping you achieve cost savings and efficiency gains. A well put together and managed tender process can have a significant positive impact to the value a contract delivers. You can view our support options and get in touch via our contact us form.

myTenders for suppliers

As a supplier, you can register for free to access and respond to tenders published through myTenders. Each year more than 1,300 public sector tendering opportunities are published through our site.

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Proactis enables digital trade for all, by helping organisations around the world to control 100% of their spend. Proactis works with customers to transform their Source-to-Pay processes; helping them save money and create efficiency gains, while increasing compliance and reducing risk.